SHANGHAI HITACHI PAKISTAN PVT. LTD was established as a local counterpart to provide international brands standard of installation and maintenance services to its customers in Pakistan. It is a dynamic organization and has a well composed technical complement including knowledgeable and competent engineers who have received extensive specialized training and have decades of experience in installation and maintenance of all kinds of lifts and escalators. Apart from training and troubleshooting assignments abroad, some of our engineers have also received training in lift technology in Schindler factories in Switzerland and Italy.

Qualifying our technical staff up to the best possible standards has always been our priority as they are the key source of providing our customers with exceptional services.

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Our Products

Hitachi Elevators

Hitachi Elevators in Pakistan can be characterized as an electric lift which is utilized as vertical transportation...

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Hitachi Escalators

Hitachi Escalators in Pakistan are one of the biggest machines people use on a regular basis, but on the other hand...

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Hitachi Moving Walkways

Often seen in Airports, Moving Walkaways in Pakistan is a moderate moving transport system that transports people over a flat..

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Hitachi Intellectual Controller System

Hitachi intellectual control system accurately measure the location of car during the operation of elevator;

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Hitachi Elevator Motors

Hitachi, a global leader in innovative technologies, extends its expertise to the realm of vertical transportation with its advanced elevator motors.

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Hitachi High Precision Positioning Control System

Car displacement tracking technology ensures the leveling safety.Car-displacement-detection technology with high accuracy makes almost perfect leveling

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